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Apple Preparing a New iPhone & iPad

According to a DigiTimes report, Apple is planning for a new model of iPhone/ iPad by August. The site has claim that its sources has pointed out iPhone 5’s supply volume which is estimated to be around 6-7 million units in the third quarter and with the addition of iPhone 4 shipments. It is expected that a total iPhone shipments in the quarter will reach 24-25 million units with volumes to maintain at the same level in the fourth quarter. In 2011, Apple is forecasted to ship over 85 million iPhones.

Since Apple is also set to start supplying iPad 3 in August, the shipments of iPad series (1,2) are expected to surpass 15 million units and iPad’s supply volume for 2011 will have a good chance to break 40 million units.

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You can expect iTunes subscriptions Soon?

You can expect iTunes music subscription service soon, as one NYC daily thinks so. Well this is what Apple customers really want? According to the New York Post, Apple is currently in negotiations to launch an iTunes subscription service for iPad, iPhone and iPad Touch with tiered pricing from $10 to
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