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Get Set Go: Know the power of your car! [CarPower iPhone app review]

“I think my car performs better than yours”
“Mmm, no Steve that ain’t true”
“Mmmm, yes Joe that is true”
Stars sparkle mid air –  iPhone under spotlight – kaboom !
Car Power to the rescue?

That’s what the app CarPower wishes to help you out with. Whether its something to prove to your friend or just for yourself. It’s an app that asks you to sit back and drive while it does the thinking. What thinking could it do?

  • Distance you have travelled.
  • Horse Power (in paid version only)
  • Current speed
  • Average speed
  • Altitude
  • Acceleration
  • Outside temperature
  • Slope

You can set the app to present your data in kilometers or miles. The menu can be set in two languages, English or Swedish.
The app has good graphics. Your current data will be presented while you are driving, and everything is logged at run-time. If  you wish to analyze your data later you could do so with statistical reports and graphs. Everything can also be shared via Facebook, SMS or e-mail.

You can choose

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