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Steve Jobs Gets Much Better Biography Title

The first authorized biography of Apple CEO Steve Jobs will be getting a new title soon. Simon & Schuster’s publicity department has chosen the title of the old one.

Tech.fortune.cnn site says that the author Walter Isaac was not very confident about the old title. His wife and daughter also thought that the title was too cutesy.

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Balk pre order for iPad 2

If you are the one wanting an iPad 2 on day one then you will need to stand in line to get it, because Apple is not accepting pre-orders ahead of its release date. All thanks to Verizon iPhone 4 the way in which the latest iPhone’s launch was portrayed
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The all new Macbook ready to serve you

Apple store representatives are revealing potential buyers of the company's new Mac Pro which was announced earlier this week. The updated models are going to be available for shipment from August 9th onwards. The Company sales executive on both chat and telephone support systems have cited the proposed date of
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