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Jobs Planned Ventures for next Four Years

Apple Inc maybe going through troubled times due to the sad demise of Steve Jobs. However, being a man of vision, Steve Jobs had seen the future of Apple and had planned the production and release of forthcoming Apple products for next four years. Steve Jobs maybe gone but he has
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Steve Jobs ,’A new iPad model of Computing.’

Steve Jobs is no stranger to magnification, but sometimes he says things that make the hair on your neck stand up. Here, Steve Jobs reveals it all: “Well, the iPad is clearly going to affect notebook computers. And I think the iPad proves it’s not a question of if, it’s a question
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No More New Apple Products This Year, Or What?

Apple Senior Vice President, Phil Schiller, expressed in an interview to Gizmodo prior to last weeks product updates, that the company has completed their lineup for the holiday season, and that no more products will be released this year. This time we got official word in the last one-on-one media briefing
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