Sparrow For iPhone 1.2 Adds New Features

Sparrow for iPhone has received a new update that brings various new features desired by users. Sparrow would continue to offer a unique mail box to users.

IM+, BeejiveIM and AIM now supporting push notification

Major Instant Messaging client, IM+, BeejiveIM and AIM now support Push Notification. Push notifications require the 3.0 firmware that was released last week. Instant messaging apps always lacked this feature on iPhone and iPod Touch. Before release of iPhone 3.0, if we were to switch out of these apps, there was no easy way for…

Video Shows Sparrow Push Email Notifications In Action

In a review about Sparrow app that makes it easy for you to maintain and manage your e-mail. At that time, you may have not imagined a jailbreak tweak targeting an app because all recant jailbreak tweaks have been targeting either a device like New iPad or an operating system like iOS.

iPhone eBay App Update, Now With Push Notifications

Another day, another set of apps that have been updated. This morning I awoke to find that eBay Mobile (and I would imagine others) has received a welcomed update. The update brings the app to version 1.4.0 and is noted as being “optimized” for iPhone OS 3.0 and as you may have guessed that means…