iOS Multitasking

The functioning of iOS backgrounding is frequently wondered about. The iOS backgrounding is different from the traditional multitasking. According to traditional multitasking, when you multitask on your desktop, every program you open runs. This consumes the battery of your computer and creates pressure(and possible overload) on your RAM. On the other hand, in iOS backgrounding,…

Disco Messenger: Secret Group Messaging App, Push with Version 2.0

Disco, a secret group messaging app from Google has ben updated. The Disco app allows user to receive texts messages through Push notifications. TechCrunch found out that it is Google’s Slide Team, the team behind the app and website. But there is no extra information on this even the site and app has no record….

Coming Soon: Facebook 3.1 iPhone App With Push Notifications

The Facebook iPhone app is one of the most widely used applications and there are a couple of quick updates coming to this iPhone app. Joe Hewitt, the developer of the Facebook iPhone app confirmed on his Twitter account the impending release of Facebook 3.03 that will seek to fix a few bugs that exist…

Apple Might Block Push Notifications in Unlocked iPhones

We don’t have confirmation on this beyond the word of a Czech-based developer who has tested it, but apparently Apple is blocking push notification services in unofficially unlocked iPhones. However, we have tested it and it works.