How Samsung Became The Top iPad Display Supplier For Apple

We have been frequently writing about the heated lawsuit between Apple & Samsung. The shallow remarks, flimsy declarations and Micky Mouse like expressions certainly bring in an urge to know the circumstance which Samsung stand as the top supplier for Apple, yet for an iPad display. Apple today released a press release which explains how…

Apple’s Biggest Rival Becomes its Top iPad Display Supplier for Q1 2014

As per a new report published by the research firm DisplaySearch, via CNET, Samsung professed the first position as iPad display panel supplier for Apple in the first quarter 2014. A total of 5.2 million units shipped with high resolution 9.7-inch panels which were placed in the iPad Air and the reintroduced 4th generation iPad.

Jury Verdict: Samsung to Pay $119,625,000 to Apple

The jury today announced a unanimous verdict in the second Apple vs. Samsung trial. After carrying out several deliberations they came to a conclusion on Samsung’s infringement on three out of five patents explained in the lawsuit. As per the verdict, Samsung is required to pay $119.6 million instead of $2 billion which was the…

Innovator’s Dilemma Suits Samsung or Even Better, a Desperate Copier

We don’t know if Apple will dance on the streets or not but convincingly Samsung would have sung a great deal after losing the patent infringement litigation. Reading through the complete courtroom argument between the parties, which is actually comic in way, we thought of mentioning a few for our readers. Indeed, Apple was remarked…

 ITC reviews Samsung vs Apple

The battle between Apple and Samsung seems unending. The U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) has now once again stepped into the prior ruling. The ITC will review the judgment that ruled that Apple did not intrude on four specific patents of Samsung and issue a final verdict on the case in January 2013.

Apple vs. Rest Of The World

For the past few years we have witnessed a series of patent infringement cases involving same old companies with other different parties such as, Google vs. Apple, Apple vs. Samsung, Apple vs. Kodak etc. According to a recent study from Kanzatec IP group, Apple is involved in 60% of all the major mobile patent suits.

Samsung Galaxy Note available at O2

O2 is officially the only network that would be selling Samsung Galaxy Note. You can buy it from O2 but not a cheap price.

Roundup: Apple wins rights for Hollywood blockbusters and knocks down Samsung

Apple securing rights for Hollywood blockbusters Apple is securing the rights of featuring various Hollywood blockbusters on iCloud. Representatives from iPhone and iPad are in talks with various Hollywood studios to finalize the deal. The service is expected to launched in late 2011 or early 2012. Apple Fanboys must be eager to see the rain…

The tabletwars, are they over without even starting?

A whole bunch of manufacturers are busy trying to create a killer tablet to be able to compete with the iPad. And for many of those manufacturers Google’s Android operating system is the way to go. The hopes are high, since Android already managed to take the leading market share in the smartphone market. A…

Samsung Widen Patent Dispute Against Apple, Files Case In U.S.

After Apple iPhone location tracking issues jump up in South Korea, Japan and Germany, Samsung is now suing Apple in the U.S. The lawsuits are in retaliation to a lawsuit from Apple that alleges Samsung copied the iPhone and iPad. Samsung says Apple is infringing 10 patents that “relate to fundamental innovations that increase mobile…