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Next iPhone Screen Size

We have been hearing quite a lot about the iPhone 6 increased screen size. Looking at a comparison of the screen size between an iPhone and its other counterparts, clearly says the increase of the screen size is proportional to the thickness of the iPhone. While comparing the iPhone with a
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Compare the beauty, Compare all!

Boy Genius got the iPhone4 and just now reported what iPhone4 is all about. So, folks iPhone4 is up and you can compare the screen, display, shape, size, weight, width and everything possible but don't forget to compare one thing more, which is? Whom does Apple like more Gizmodo or
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iSimulate brings iPhone apps to the big screen

Apple's iPhone simulator built into Xcode is nice, but it doesn't completely replicate the actual feel of playing with an iPhone (not to mention that things like multitouch and accelerometer info can't be tested on screen). Enter iSimulate, a new app from a company called vimov. In conjunction with a
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