Now Use Siri On All iOS Devices With Spire

Siri is no longer the monopoly of iPhone 4S. Now you can use Siri on all iOS Devices and with a new app called Spire. A trio of iOS developers: Grant Paul (Chpwn), Ryan Petrich, and Steven Troughton-Smith have recently released a new Siri port called Spire. This port can mirror all the iPhone 4S…

Siri Can Post Your Tweets

Many people are upset because when they tell Siri to post a tweet on their Twitter account, Siri responds by saying that she cannot do that. Have you experienced this situation? You need not be disheartened. Just imagine that a little boy says that he cannot write. The teacher teaches the boy how to write…

Use Vocal To Drive Your Mac With Siri

There have been various hacks that make Siri do extraordinary things and now Vocal is here to make Siri, control and drive your Mac.

Siri Is Santa’s Personal Assistant

If Santa Claus does not turn up at your house this year on Christmas Eve, you may start blaming yourself for being a “bad boy” or a “bad girl” that you may have been this year. However, you should blame it on Siri.

Now Use Siri Legally On iPhone 4

Siri has been the most popular and most desired feature of iPhone 4S. People were disappointed when Apple announced that Siri would not be introduced on earlier devices.