Turn On Your Siri Controlled TV By Using Your iPhone 4S As A Remote

We have been telling you about the abilities of Siri that are being given or enhanced by various hackers and developers. We have shown you stories and videos demonstrating how Siri can control the room temperature of your house and how it can control the electronic appliances.

New App Claiming Full Siri Functionality In iPhone 4

For past few months many hackers and jailbreaking experts tried to make Siri work in the devices released before iPhone 4S. There were various news reports and online videos in this regard. Then came the news that Apple had tried to test Siri with older devices but Siri did not work. A hacker proved Apple…

Hacker Turns On Fireplace With Siri

The amazing features of Siri have amusing the iPhone users ever since iPhone 4S has been released. Hackers cannot get enough of Siri and want to explore all possible abilities of Siri.

Apple Acknowledges Siri Abortion Clinic Concerns

When you ask a question, you feel very angry when instead of getting reply, you are told not to ask such questions. Something like this is happening to some Apple users and answers to their questions are being refused by none other than “their personal assistant” Siri.

Siri can control an entire room

We told you earlier how Siri could be used to control room temperature. The extent that Siri can be put to use do not seem to be ending as a new demonstration shows that Siri can control various electronic items at home.

A combination of software to mimic Siri Functionality

Eric Day, who had invented the new application Siri0us has pulled it from Cydia, probably due to issues related to copyright. Some people think that Siri0us can do everything that Siri can. However, this is not true.