iOS 6 Bringing Siri To iPad?

People always wanted Siri on other iDevices as they did not wish to see it exclusive to iPhone 4S. If rumors are to be believed, Siri maybe seen in iPad very soon.

Now Siri Can Speak Hindi

Are you an Indian living in USA or some other English speaking country? Is speaking English a tough task for you because of which you cannot communicate with your personal assistant Siri on your iPhone?

Siri May Come To Mac?

When iPhone 4S was released, many people who did not wish buy it were fascinated with Siri. Apple broke their hearts by announcing that Siri would not be introduced in any device before iPhone 4S. Since then, any jailbreak tweak that could make Siri work on Pre- iPhone 4S device was not only a big…

87% iPhone 4S Users Use Siri Monthly

Despite battery issues, iPhone 4S broke all records of sales. According to many surveys, most people purchased it due to their fascination with Siri.