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Cult of Mac was been downgraded by Google

Last week Cult of Mac was demote by the changes Google has made to its algorithm to re-rank content farms like Demand Media. Some list of the effected sites were British Medical Journal, PR Newswire, and one of the earliest online communities, The Well. According to an analysis by Sistrix, "An
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Verizon Wireless attach iPad to Site

After Verizon attach iPad to site, now in every body’s mind whether Verizon Wireless is planning a big push for the iPad? Their website includes the iPad, but offers little info. The Verizon Wireless stores will begin selling iPads on Thursday, but the carrier isn’t doing much advance promotion. But, there’s
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Magazine site updated to support the iPad.

If you were wondering how to update yourself with the magazine, your hunt is over. Yes now the New Yorker has quietly updated it's site, to give iPad users full access to 85 years of wit and wisdom from the pages of The New Yorker. This Digital Edition automatically recognizes
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