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Slot Bonanza HD review: Definitely worth a ‘Slot’!

In my experience slots can be a lot of things. Fun, addictive and occasionally nerve-wracking. Not to mention that you almost always end up losing more money than you win.Screen Shot 2012-12-18 at 11.24.48 AM That is, unless you are playing Slot Bonanza for on your iPad or iPhone.

Having played quite a few slots games on the App store, I can emphatically state that Slot Bonanza is arguably the best slots game out there. InfiApps Ltd, the makers of the game, have released separate apps for the iPhone and iPad, thereby making optimum use of their screen size. I happened to review the game on an iPad, and I must say that the graphics were top-notch. Stellar graphics are almost the norm in sandbox style or racing games, but its a pleasant surprise to encounter them in a Casino themed game.

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