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Blo-Ball Soccer review: Soccer at its addictive best!

Blo-Ball Soccer is a simple but addictive game of Soccer for iOS and Mac. It is an overhead 2D game where you flick your players around the soccer field trying to score goals.Screen Shot 2013-01-30 at 11.55.19 AM

Players can play against three levels of computer opponents or friends over WiFi or Bluetooth. Just hover your finger over the player closest to the ball and flick him towards it, with the intention of scoring a goal.

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It’s time to Kick Off with Soccer Puzzle League!

Let me start by saying that Soccer Puzzle League is one of the best games I have reviewed this season on iOS. Soccer Puzzle League is a connect three puzzle, RPG style and a strategy game all in one.Screen Shot 2012-12-26 at 3.50.49 PM And boy, is it addictive! It got me hooked from the get go, and there’s been no looking back since.

If you are familiar with Match 3+ games, you can pretty much start playing right away. If not, the game contains a very interesting tutorial, and you will get the hang of it in just a couple of attempts. Soccer Puzzle League follows rules consistent to the Matching puzzle genre, and manages to transcend to a level absent in most of its peers.

You are squared off against the computer, where you can play and build your profile by learning new defensive or attacking skills.

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