Sprint deals Galaxy Tab for $399 with Contract

Sprint has become the first US carrier to offer the Samsung Galaxy Tab at a subsidized price, but with a contract of course. Only a week passed where Verizon has announced that it would have the Samsung Galaxy Tab available for $600 with no contract, and got widely dissed for charging $100 more than the…

T-Mobile price for Galaxy Tab seep out

Rumors are going on that another carrier is planning to offer the mini-sized Samsung Galaxy Tab at a not-so-mini price. Interested buyers looking for the discount has to wait as another carriers offering Samsung Galaxy comes with a high price tag. The news has been leaked about Sprint offering the Galaxy Tab for $399 with…

Sprint brings you iPhone 4G

In the latest advertising campaign for its Sierra Wireless Overdrive 3G/4G WiFi hotspot, Sprint makes fun of AT&T’s slow 3G network and the iPhone limitations. According to Sprint, 4G can give you up to 10 times faster connection than the AT&T 3G connection does. Commercial after the break.

Sprint plays dirty in New Palm Pre Ad, directly attacks iPhone

A new print ad posted to Sprint’s Facebook page that directly targets iPhone customers on AT&T whose original two-year contracts are just now expiring. The ad shoots the Palm Pre’s ability to run multiple applications at the same time and Sprint’s claim that users can save $1200 over two years by switching from AT&T.