Steve Jobs Action Figure Out Of Production

Weeks ago, we reported that a Steve Jobs action figure is available for online purchase and would hit the stores in February. Apple wanted to ban the sales of Steve Jobs action figure.

Apple May Fail To Prevent The Sales Of Steve Jobs’ Action Figure

We reported earlier about the production of the action figure of Steve Jobs. Apple had objection to the production and sales. Possibly seeing Chinese manufacturers, trying to capitalize on the death of Apple co-founder, Apple threatened to sue InIcons. Apple insinuated that they owned the likeness of Steve Jobs.

Apple Wants To Ban Steve Jobs’ Action Figure

We recently reported that an action figure of Steve Jobs is available for pre-order and it would be launched in stores next month. While many Apple Fanboys may see it as a tribute (or homage) to Steve Jobs, Apple Inc is upset with the launch of this toy. Perhaps Apple feels that InIcons is trying…

Steve Jobs Action Figure Available For Pre-Order Now

For many Apple fanboys, Steve Jobs was missed a lot as many expected that had Steve Jobs been alive, Apple would have launched something new around Christmas as a Christmas gift for Apple fanboys. There are various online forums where Apple fanboys are discussing such things.