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Apple’s App Store Review Team Rejects Steve Jobs Tribute Calendar

Steve Jobs Tribute Calendar

Apple co-founder and former CEO Steve Jobs passed away last year in October. People around the world mourned his demise and the Apple gadgets they owned made them reminded of Steve Jobs. Many admirers of Steve Jobs came up with unique ways to pay tribute to him. Many went to Apple Stores as a way of paying their respects, leaving messages and Apple products when they left.

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The Life And Times Of Steve Jobs [EDITORIAL]

Steve Jobs RIP

The birth of an icon like Steve Jobs is the event of a century. Steve Jobs was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth. His childhood was like the childhood of any boy. Yet, he struggled, toiled, worked hard and finally created a Multi-billion dollar company that is known as Apple Inc today.

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Apple Cakes to raise funds for fighting pancreatic cancer

Years ago, when Christopher Reeve, the Hollywood actor believed to the best Superman became paralysed in an accident, he raised a foundation that would help treatment and rehabilitation of people suffering from paralysis. Due to this noble act, he came to be known as the "real Superman" among his fans. When
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Tribute Pumpkins to remember Steve Jobs this Halloween

Apple Steve Jobs Halloween

Steve Jobs may have left this world but he left his contributions behind. He would always be remembered. The admirers of Steve Jobs have paid tribute to him in unique ways that have made news. Some fans of Jobs and users of Apple gadgets do not wish to forget Steve Jobs and want him to be a part of upcoming festivals, just the way Apple gadgets became a part of their life.

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