Is Apple Losing Out On its Own Hype?

Apple, on Tuesday reported its earnings for the third Quarter, in which it sold 26 million iPhones. This is less than the expected 28 to 29 million considering that it sold around 35 million units of iPhone in the second Quarter. Analysts believe that this is because of the hype that was created by rumors…

Steve is back to Work

There has been reports from CNBC that Steve Jobs has resumed work at Apple today! There has been a quote from Jobs on the Apple Press Release on iPhone 3G S sales figure on it’s launch Jim Goldman of CNBC, however, is able to confirm his presence on Apple’s campus according to multiple employees. Meantime,…

Steve Jobs Had a Liver Transplant

The The Wall Street Journal has reported that Apple CEO Steve Jobs recently underwent a liver transplant. Jobs has been on a leave of absence from the company since January, and the report says that the transplant about two months ago in an undisclosed hospital in Tennessee.

Steve Jobs Mocked In A Video

There is decorum that one should not insult and ridicule those who are dead. This decorum is at least followed in the case of those people who did not make news for wrong reasons. However, some people seeking cheap publicity stoop to any level and ridicule anyone to secure their fifteen-seconds of fame.

The Life And Times Of Steve Jobs [EDITORIAL]

The birth of an icon like Steve Jobs is the event of a century. Steve Jobs was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth. His childhood was like the childhood of any boy. Yet, he struggled, toiled, worked hard and finally created a Multi-billion dollar company that is known as Apple Inc today.