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Has Apple Got its Mojo Back?

Wall_Street_-_New_York_Stock_ExchangeApple’s share prices closed at $600.96 Monday afternoon setting a new 52-week high for the company. Being a high in the March quarter, Apple announced an expanded capital reinvestment program.

The New York Stock Exchange, credit Carlos Delgado via Wikipedia.

When the markets closed at 4:00 Eastern, Apple was at $600.96. The company crossed the $600 threshold just minutes before the NASDAQ halted official trading for the day.

Apple shares closed above $600 for the first time since November of 2012, but are still off $100 from their all-time high reached in September of that same year. Apple’s shares were up more than $8 for the day to reach the mark. The company’s market capitalization is now at $517.65 billion.

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iPad 2 sold out in most Countries

Reports are coming in from numerous sources that stores in most areas ran out of stock quickly. Apple has launch the iPad 2 in 25 countries. According to the reports, London Apple Stores are totally out of stock,Stores in Paris also sold out completely on Friday. Again similar issue has also seen
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