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Skype APP for iPad is Finally Out

The most anticipated video chat application Skype is finally out for iPad. This new released can provide your Skype communication to full screen video at your finger tips. The Skype application is amazing and simple to use and developed especially for iPad. Here you can make call or have a video call and send instant message to anyone on Skype. Moreover if you add a fewer Skype Credit then you can also make a call on landlines and mobiles at reasonable low rates.

You can easily and quickly join Skype on your iPad and if you already have a Skype account then your contacts will instantly be there on your iPad. Once the contacts are added you can start making call, video chat, and messages in just one touch. You can also enjoy near CD quality sound. Add emotion to personalize your message.

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Tips to manage your magazine and Newspaper Subscription

Tips to manage your magazine and Newspaper Subscription This tips will benefit to those who had subscribed to several different newspaper and magazine on your iPad. How to keep track and manage them all? Here are following steps: Step 1. Select App store on your iPad. Step 2. Next, tap on the featured sections and then scroll
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Hulu coming with $5 subscription

Now watching TV shows on your iPad via Hulu may cost you a lot less in the near future. Hulu is considering cutting its subscription price in half to $5 per month from earlier $10. Hulu has rivals from Netflix streaming and ABC, which has content on Hulu. Things are
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You can expect iTunes subscriptions Soon?

You can expect iTunes music subscription service soon, as one NYC daily thinks so. Well this is what Apple customers really want? According to the New York Post, Apple is currently in negotiations to launch an iTunes subscription service for iPad, iPhone and iPad Touch with tiered pricing from $10 to
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