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Apple has sold 500,000 in opening weekend.

Apple has sold 500,000 in opening weekend. Before the launch of iPad 2, there were so many predictions that iPad 2 will outsell the original device in the first weekend and now the predictions is coming true. Apple analyst, Gene Munster and his team survey the sales of ipad 2 from the
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Survey on women about iPad users

The survey untaken by the Yahoo and Resolve Market research brings about exciting and very informative among the women iPad users. In the initial survey by Yahoo! a couple of weeks after iPad’s initial launch the survey discovered that initial uptakes were generally considered to be wealthy males in their late
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iPad owners prefer e-books to print.

You will find some amusing factor and Data about iPad owner and their though about e-books App. The survey will also include about how much the iPad owners are very much attached with their device. Let’s see some interesting revelation from the iPad owners: According to Cooper Murphy Webb says more
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