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Enjoy Sweets And Foster Calories With CooCoo Planet [Review]


Simulation games are actually sweet, lovable, you fall in love with this whole cycle of producing and reaping. Its a perpetual rhythm of sowing, harvesting and savoring the growth. There’s more to it, more than being just a Simulation. As a player, I was so intrigued and fascinated by FarmVille that I wrote about an engrossment phenomena which I had been through. It was a sticky phenomena and I only visualized crops, home farm, decorations and everything possible required to fabricate the perfect farm. It was indeed a charming experience. While you are undergoing a relentless journey of copying activities from ‘real life’ into the game, you learn a lot of planning and organizing skills, appears nonfictional at times. Perhaps there are failures in this category, hundreds of game make a promising entry and end up with an unhappy exit.

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