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A wake up call

Is Apple facing a season of problems?, We shouldn't be judgmental at this juncture as Apple knows how to bounce back so let time decide that but the recent issue of interruption in communication and antenna fiasco, the executive in charge of iPhone and iPod, Mark Papermaster has resigned Apple.Inc.
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Jewel of the Planet up for a brand war by N8

The world's largest mobile making company Nokia has announced to launch the new smartphone. The new N8 model will be based on Symbian 3 operating system. This little genius would be competing with the huge Apple's iphone(4.0 OS). Already speculations have started that Nokia has invented the N8 only to be
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Mac OSX 10.7, “Lion”?

According to many sources, Apple is busy building the next major version of Mac OSX, namely mac OSX 10.7. Or according to a bug report analyzed by MacRumors, Mac OSX “11A47”. Here are a few rumors and suspicions…

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