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Apple Fires Back at Lodsys, Asked ‘Immediately Withdraw Outstanding Threats’ Sent to Developers

According to latest report, Apple has told Lodsys to immediately withdraw all notices sent to iOS developers and maintain that it and its developers are undisputedly licensed to the patents in question.

Bruce Sewell, Senior Vice President & General Counsel, “I expect that the additional information set out below will be sufficient for you to withdraw your outstanding threats to the App Makers and cease and desist from any further threats to Apple’s customers and partners.”

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iPad FaceTime video calling coming soon in 2011

Finally the FaceTime is in the market and we can make FaceTime video calls from an iPad pretty soon. The report from the Asian suppliers to DigiTimes states that manufacturing of glasses has been in process in the TPK Touch Solutions, Wintek, Cando, and Chimei Innolux. So, we are near to
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iPad not hitting on Mac PC sales.

It’s all right here. The launch of iPad in April had not swollen the Mac PC sales. I was going through the reports and the outlets released by various companies and newspapers where I saw that the Apple officials are happily announcing that the iPad revolutionary had no bad effect
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New Threat For OS 3.0.1, Still Not Safe

Let me start of by telling you guys that yes, apple did fix the 3.0.1 threat of Miller's, but MuscleNerd, of the Dev-Team, has received a new hack by Luis Miras and Zane Lackey. Leaving the firmware 3.0.1 not safe, again! The problem is the operator problem and has already been
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