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Review: TileSpeak Mahjong

TileSpeak Mahjong by TileSpeak Software is an education app and you can defined the app as a tile matching game. In this app you can learn Chinese through casual gaming. TileSpeak Mahjong provides user to arrange 500 most frequently used chinese characters and created then into a puzzle game. Best way to learn chinese faster is to play the game more so that you will be exposed to chinese characters and also chinese speech.

When you start the app, you will be presented with two language Mandarin and Cantonese which you must select one language to start a game. In this app there are 36 tiles which is laid out in 4 illustration creating 144 playing pieces. The graphic in this app has nothing much to mention, even though provides a puzzle game to user lets us not forget that the main purpose of this app is to help non-chinese speaker to grab some chinese words.

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