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Auction For Lunch With Tim Cook Closes With An Earning Of $330,001

An auction amount of $330,001 will be given to the RFK Center for Justice & Human Rights by Apple. The auction took place for an hour to join Tim Cook for a lunch meeting at Apple’s Cupertino headquarters. This year’s auction closed at a lesser amount as compared to last year’s coffee charity meeting with Tim Cook which concluded with an amount of $610,000.

The auction sum will be donated to the RFK Center for Justice & Human Rights, a charity which runs with a goal to achieve “a just and peaceful world by partnering with human rights leaders, teaching social justice and advancing corporate responsibility.”

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Is Apple Losing Out On its Own Hype?

Apple Logo
Apple, on Tuesday reported its earnings for the third Quarter, in which it sold 26 million iPhones. This is less than the expected 28 to 29 million considering that it sold around 35 million units of iPhone in the second Quarter.

Analysts believe that this is because of the hype that was created by rumors about the release of iPhone’s latest model, iPhone 5 in October this year. Why will prospective customers buy the current model when they knew that its latest version will be released few weeks from now?

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Tim Cook’s Visit To Washington An Attempt To “Open Up A Line Of Communication”

Tim Cook John Boehner

According to a report from Fortune, the reason for Apple CEO Tim Cook’s visit to the Washington DC was to show key policymakers that they have an open line of communication to the Apple executive. There were online reports that that Cook met with House Speaker John Boehner as well as Senate Majority leader Harry Reid and Senate Minority leader Mitch McConnell.

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Scott Forstall Described As Apple “CEO-In-Waiting”

Scott Forstall

Tim Cook is a great CEO and this is why, Apple wants him to stay with for long time. Apple has promised to offer some new incentives to Tim Cook if he serves as CEO till 2016.

In a time like this, if someone starts predicting about the next CEO, it is bound to become a big news.

Tim Cook is an excellent business manager. He is responsible for much of the company’s success in low-cost manufacturing and skinny inventories.

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Leaked Photo Indicate iPhone Running on China Mobile?

A photo claiming to be the leaked image of the next generation iPhone has been out online running on China Mobile’s 3G TD-SCDMA network.

Appleinsider reports that various Chinese new websites, including sohu.com(translation) and mydrivers.com(translation) has re-printed un-legitimate photo which shows a device similar to an iPhone 4 with China Mobile’s 3G logo. It was also known that the logo was printed in the upper right corner and running an unreleased version of Apple baseband software known as 06.10.01.

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Apple COO Tim Cook at China Mobile HQ [Image]

Yesterday morning, Apple Chief Operating Officer Tim Cook was seen at the country’s largest wireless operator ‘China Mobile’ headquarters. First Financial Daily has a direct run with Tim Cook and manage to click his picture at China Mobile’s HQ. Here is the picture below;

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