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Hand-Picked: Clear, the To-Do List App For Mac and iOS

Clear – Tasks, Reminders & To-Do ListsRealmac Software LimitedProductivity$9.99Download

Today We launched our vibrant new category, Hand-Picked. We envision the category to voice opinions and standpoints on apps for iOS & OS X, we admire these apps and see a promising consumption value being received by the users. There’s a simple yet meaningful story behind the depreciation of the usual Review category to a fresh, more responsible category, Hand-Picked. While I was discussing about reviewing Clear app for Mac with my colleague Mark, he jokingly said “We better be careful, Clear doesn’t really need a review.” We continued discussing about apps we truly embrace and wish to feature on our website for our readers.

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Clear is a to-do app in the overcrowded Productivity category of the app store. Why I say overcrowded is because productivity driven apps are submitted every fortnight, very few ones make it to the top and eventually become an important part of a user’s daily life, a tool to kickstart your day and an app which stays on your iPhone, Mac for a reasonable amount of time. While you look around, veterans & award winning apps like Things already occupy a senior rank, there’s a stiff competition which already exists and to cut across this competition is an achievement in itself. Clear certainly transcends well-known productivity apps and is fully able towards resting on your iPhone, Mac for months or even years.

Given a first glance, Clear might appear a clean, simple app, lacking in details and frills expected from a typical muscly built productivity app, and not powerful enough to carry the burden of meticulous schedules and routines of a user. But, once you start using you realize how effectively it manages to-do’s and is a secretly feature-packed app. Clear can smoothy manage a complex productivity plan of a user.

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