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Will iWatch Be Renamed?


The world’s largest swiss manufacturer of watches, Swatch has undertaken a measure to protect its similar sounding product iSwatch to that of iWatch which has gone into production in small quantities by Apple. The action taken states the use of iSwatch label to iWatch which is too similar to their product, said CEO Nick Hayek, Swatch Group.

Swatch is looking at blocking Apple Trademarks for the name ‘iWatch’ because of their in-house line of watches called ‘iSwatch’. The company officials say they are going to fight the trademarks for iSwatch, but we don’t have any news on how they plan to proceed with their assertion on protecting their label.

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Apple charged over iPad name

A Taiwanese company has threatened to sue Apple for trademark infringement, claiming they registered the iPad name several years ago. May be iPad probably isn’t the most original name Apple could have highlighted for its tablet computer. Now it’s hard to believe extensive research didn’t go into the naming of
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