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What’s EU doing in Apple?

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is running a regulatory session on Apple’s app Store developers agreement. Meanwhile, an interesting turn took up when regulators from European Union joined in. The whole issue began when Apple in April, adjusted its agreement wording in a way that outright barred developers from using third-party
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Big Holiday Contest!

We’re all in a holiday spirit and a holiday spirit means a lot of gifts, also from us the Apple Bites to you. And that’s why we have been busy gathering all sorts of prizes and promo codes from developers. And we’ve gathered a lot to give away to you all.

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Review : CopyTrans 4 (Windows)

CopyTrans 4 is the fourth major version of the iPod Backup and media extraction application CopyTrans. With CopyTrans you can easily transfer iPod and iPhone media to your PC. As I found out myself, CopyTrans works for every type of iPod. I connected my first iPod ever, which was a first generation iPod Nano and it synced without issues.

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