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Combining Your Love for Word Games and Poker – Word Poker Live [Review]

I’m keeping this review short and simple. Word Poker Live by Graphite Fusion is a word game in poker style. It allows you to play with real people online. You can choose to log in with your Facebook account if you wish. This app could find a spot in every word game lover’s collection and could be drawing many poker fans. It came as a treat for me, someone who loves both these games.
You can choose your table depending on the stakes (the maximum amount a player can win or lose). Playing this game live with others obviously adds fun to it. So here’s how this game looks:

Each player is given three cards that only he can see. Five cards are kept on the table that disclose as the game progresses.  After all the rounds, you have to construct the best word possible that can fetch you the most points. During the game you can ‘raise’ your stake if you feel the letters could lead to a good word. You can ‘check’ if you feel not so great about them. And you can of course ‘fold’ if you feel you’re in for no good. Like once when I had great letters but no vowels. Yikes! Fold fold fold!

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