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Yahoo Messenger app to include 3G video chat

Few days back, VP of Yahoo! Mobile in America, David Katz reveals that Yahoo will soon be supporting video chat on their mobile apps, including iPhone. A Yahoo Spokesperson has said that he believes that the iPhone app has already been approved by Apple and that it would be would
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iPhone flickr Official App

Official Flickr [iTunes link] finally arrives on the iPhone with a native free app which enables all the neat features, comment and search options that similarly make Flickr itself such a successful service. The Yahoo owned Flickr, which works on both iPhone and iPod Touch devices, also allows for
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IM+ Now Even Better

Wow! With its 3.3 update, IM+ has really become the only instant messaging app you need on your phone.  It has every service you could want, including Facebook, Twitter, gChat, and AIM.  And every one of them is supported by IM+'s new push functionality, which is out of this world. Get
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