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The world is making progress everyday in the field of science and we are witnessing the inventions of new gadgets and Apps, almost everyday. In this era of Facebook and Twitter, people do anything and share it on these social networking websites. From politicians to movie stars, from sportspersons to corporate honchos, everyone is on twitter. Thus, any application related to twitter is bound to catch eyeballs when launched.

This is what is being seen with the launch of a new app by App Chubby, available in App Store. This new app has been named as Tweet Speaker. Priced at $ 2.99, it lets you listen to your timeline on Twitter. Once you authenticate Tweet Speaker with your Twitter account, it would start loading tweets from your timeline, leaving you with the option of switching to mentions or a specific Twitter list if you wish. Just hit the play button and Tweet Speaker will start reading your tweets with male voice which the only voice currently available (more voices coming soon as announced by the makers).

For those who have less time for Twitter, the is app reads the tweets you have received (or posted) like an answering machine.

Are you ready to decorate your iPhone and your Twitter account with with Tweet Speaker? Tell us in the comments section below.

Source: MacStories
Img: BeautifulPixels

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