Tapbots Adds iCloud Functionality To Tweetbot

Tweetbot iCloud integration

Popular Twitter client Tweetbot has received a new update. The new update brings iCloud integration to Tweetbot.

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The iCloud integration will allow Tweetbot users to sync DMs, Mute filters, timeline position and other account settings when logged into iCloud. Now you will have the ability to move from your iPad, to your iPhone and have the same experience. Now Tweetbot should become a universal app instead of requiring users to make separate $2.99 purchases for their iPhone and iPad.

Other improvements with the new update include better handling of iTunes links, that include thumbnail previews. YouTube links get the thumbnail preview treatment as well. All of the usual features like list management, photo, video, and note support and customizable gestures remain unchanged. However, the close image view on iPad gesture has been added with this update.

There are hopes and speculations that Tapbots brings a desktop version of Tweetbot to the Mac App Store in near future as well. Having the ability to go from iPhone, to iPad, laptop, and desktop using the same Twitter client and having everything sync across every platform would be awesome.

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