Tawkon iPhone App now on Cydia[jailbreak]

Folks at Tawkon have just released a post saying that Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs has closed the door on them. Tawkon – the Israeli mobile software company has perviously submitted an application for iPhone but ultimately was rejected from the App Store.

Folks at Tawkon write:

“We tried the front door via Apple’s App Store, including great discussions with senior Apple executives at their Cupertino headquarters who praised our app functionality and graphic appeal, and explored various technical solutions with us to overcome API restrictions and get tawkon onto the App Store.”

“But when Steve Jobs personally closed the front door with a curt 2-word email stating: “No Interest” (see original email below), we were left with no alternative but to climb through the Cydia window to let iPhone users see and lower their exposure to cellphone radiation.”


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