Tech friendly: unveiling the new waterfield tech pocket. Amongst the new revolutions in the tech industry.

So it has been a while we have updated you our dearly esteemed readers with the much needed information about your beloved products. We are back now and we really promise to give you a good reading worth.

Amongst the first things we would be talking about are some catchy, and interesting tech friendly devices that is worth having.
A survey was carried out on how the next set of Waterfield bags should look like. And a beautiful little pouch was birthed out of the survey. This little pouch can be referred to as Tech friendly because this bag was designed to primarily house your mostly used accessories such as the apple pencil.

It is a small, thin pouch where you can put in the accessories, mostly your small carry around pouch.
This new $49 tech pocket is convenient to carry about in the sense that it can be attached to either the insides of a bag or the outsides of a bag with the aid of a carabiner as the loops on both sides of the pouch can be attached to a strap too. It can as well be held about too without carabiners or straps. In my opinion, this tech pocket is a good definition of a perfectly organized pouch.

This little bag measures just about 4.75 inches by 7.5 inches! That’s big news to small bag enthusiast! Sometimes I call this little bag a removable pocket with tiny pockets. Why? Because it has, a main compartment and about two pockets to contain things like a portable charger, apple pencil, a phone, your wallet of course! It even has a zipper on the outside where you can put things like your ear buds or mints.

The new tech pocket is perfect for companionship and also gadget friendly since it houses small tech gear. If you’re looking for a perfect well to protect your gadgets, you can as well turn to this wonderful tech pocket because it protects small tech gears from getting scratched or loose.
It is however available for order, it is also important to note that it comes in a waxed tan canvas or it could come in a black ballistic nylon.