Teen Hacked Apple’s servers, received probation as ‘1 TB of sensitive info’ recovered

An Australian high school student last month was found to have repeatedly hacked the Apple servers, which is downloaded being initially believed what has been 90GB of “secure files” Now, that teenager has been handed his punishment.

Thus as reported by Bloomberg, the Australian High School student who was 16 began hacking into Apple’s servers. Thus Australian law protects the identity of juvenile offenders and cannot be named thenceforth.

Per sentencing, the hacker, however, provided eight months probation where a magistrate being told at a Children’s Court about hacking was “serious, sustained, and sophisticated.”

With the investigation, roughly being a 1 Terabyte of sensitive information from Apple’s systems which was recovered far higher than the 90GB with initial reports suggestive of – Investigators having been recovered with a 1 Terabyte sensitive information being copied from the tech giant’s systems where a prosecutor told an earlier hearing.

With two guys where one among them was a teenager along with the second being a younger boy “modified and copied chunks of volume data which was sensitive both being a privacy and commercial point of view,” which showed a high degree of skill and persistence, per the prosecutor.

However, Apple says no personal data has been lost from this teenager’s hacking. Also, the company said that due to the disclosure of the hack which follows that, “Our teams discovered unauthorized access, contained it, and reported the incident to law enforcement.”

An Apple spokesman thus with the company’s information security personnel has discovered the unauthorized access which was reported the incident to law enforcement who commented further on the specifics of the case. Hence the teenager being pleaded guilty in court with crime and will be sentenced next month.

With two Apple laptops getting seized with the serial numbers of the devices which accessed the internal systems. Thus with a mobile phone being seized with the serial numbers of the devices were accessed in the internal systems.

The teen has been pleaded with guilty being sentenced next month and the student’s lawyer with the boy hence carried out with attacks where he was such a fan of a company with hopes work over there with a prospect now seems unlikely.

The teen is a well-known personality of a hacking community used VPN and other tools to avoid of being traced but Apple Systems could trace by logging the serial numbers of the Mac Books which was used to carry during the attacks.

With this being concluded where the downloaded material was saved in a folder which was titled as ‘hacky hack hack.’ Also with the teen being pleaded with guilty has been sentenced next month. Hence, the student’s lawyer has then said that the boys who carried out the attacks being a fan of the company hopes to work there with a prospect now seems rather unlikely.