Teevox iPhone remote, controls computer and TV!

Life is becoming so simple and technologically very savvy. I have recently come across an iPhone app that will allow me to remotely control watching Hulu and Netflix on my computer. Isn’t that simple?

I don’t have to go to my computer or TV to manage the channels. Now I do it by my smart iPhone.
The iPhone app, Teevox is a simple interface developed by Jong-Moon Kim from MIT University and he associated with other engineers and professors now testing for adding more features to it.

Actually Teevox is the company behind teevoxRemote, an app that allows an iPhone to be used as a remote control for Hulu and Netflix. The app allows one-touch show selection, synchronized shared viewing with a friend, and play/pause/volume control.

With Teevox, I downloaded the free app on my iPhone, just typed the code in and was fully connected.
It’s only a beginning phase for Teevox. Further implementation of both Twitter and Facebook Connect means that anyone with an iPhone and an account can start using the remote immediately.

So guys why waiting for. Try your iPhone in the new avatar of a remote control.

Thanks, www.techcrunch.com

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