Temperature Sensor- A New iPhone 6 Feature?

big_iphone_celsiusApple’s doing this and we know it will be the meaningful way.

Apple would be launching iPhone 6 sometime in fall. Besides many other new upgrades, there are rumors that the device will be equipped with the new temperature and humidity sensor. The temperature sensor will work with the help of a metal transistor installed inside the phone. There are a few devices available in the market that can help one to check the temperature. But for iPhone users, theres’ something special soon to be launched.

Looking back at the series of patents Apple has been filing and the entry of health experts, indicate Apple’s focus on the health of a user in the upcoming generation of iPhone’s. We are excited and quite impatient to see Apple tapping the health of an iPhone user. Earlier in February, ‘Healthbook’ app mockups were screening anywhere from blood pressure levels to a womans’ pregnancy. I’d anxiously wait to see my iPhone track my stress level and finally be stress-free.

(Via Macrumors)

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