Ten Best Driving Apps For iPhone

We all love our iPhone and we are always happy to see the apps that do things for us in iPhone. There is an app for almost everything. Today we have a look at some driving-related apps that can help you with navigation, caring for your car, even calling for help if you get in an accident.

Here are the ten apps that we believe are the best ten:


1. My Maps
Category: Navigation
Price: $1.99
With this app, you can view, edit and share your custom KML maps. It is here.


Fuel Finder

2. Fuel Finder
Category: Productivity
Price: $2.99
This app helps you to save over $300 a year on gas by showing you the cheapest gas around you. If you wish, you can also set options to find a particular grade or diesel fuel. If you are too conscious, you can sort results by price or proximity. It is here.

Car Park

3. Car Park
Category: Navigation
Price: $1.99.
You do not need to waste time trying to remember where you parked your car ever again. This handy app will let you record the location of your car and then will guide you back to it. So if the arena or parking lot is large, you can find your cars easily.It is here.

Car Care

4. Car Care
Category: Finance
Price: $2.99
With this app, you can keep track of your fuel economy. This app compares your mileage to your total gas usage. You can calculate fuel economy using miles or kilometers, gallons or liters, and with different types of currency. This app can also be used to determine if your car is losing fuel efficiency and might be in need or maintenance or repair. It is here.

Drive Safely

5. Drive Safe.ly
Category: Productivity
Price: $13.95 annually or $3.99 monthly
Texting while driving is dangerous but all too common. That is why, this app can help you in sending text messages if you really need to text while driving. Thus, now you do not need to risk your life or someone else’s life. It will narrate text messages and e-mails out loud in real time. You can set automated replies to avoid the temptation of texting while driving. It is here.

Beat The Traffic

6. Beat the Traffic
Category: Navigation
Price: Free
This app helps you check road conditions and traffic. You can use it to find the quickest way to your destination. You can get real-time traffic maps and incident reports, weather reports, and traffic predictions. It is here.


Pandora Radio

7. Pandora Radio
Category: Music
Price: Free
Now you can skip commercial radio and the constant breaks for DJ comments and ads. With this app, you can stream your own personalized radio station through your iPhone. Just enter the name of a favorite song, band, or composer, and Pandora will create a channel based on that style of music. Just hook your phone into your car speaker with an auxiliary cable, and you have instant, personalized radio. It is here.


8. Trapster
Category: Navigation
Price: Free
Trapster can turn your iPhone into a radar detector. It helps you avoid speeding tickets. Audio alerts and red lights flash when you are approaching a speed trap. This app can notify you if you are approaching an accident. It is here.


9. Yelp
Price: Free
With Yelp, you would not need to waste time and gas driving all over town looking for a good place to get a burrito or a cheap Sushi spot. This app searches for businesses near you based on criteria you provide. With this app, you can also browse reviews and get information about hours and pricing. It is here.


10. iWrecked
Category: Lifestyle
Price: Free
If you get into an accident, this app helps you record all the details for proper insurance reporting. This app is not Chuck Norris but it can still take unlimited damage photos and produce a professional .pdf report of the accident. You can send this report directly to your insurance company. You can also call service providers such as car rental shops and tow truck providers. It is here.

So did you like these apps and found it useful. How many of these apps do you already use? Post your comments and tell us.

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