Ten Tips For New Users Of iPhone 4

iPhone 4

In these times of economic crunch, some people are still buying iPhone 4 instead of iPhone 4S as it is cheaper now.

Are you a new user of iPhone 4? If yes, then these ten tips are for you.

1. Where is the Facetime App:
Facetime is an option that is available whenever you make a call to any other iPhone 4 user via WiFi. This may one of the first things you will want to check out on your new iPhone 4. Always remember that you need to go to your settings first, then phone to turn Facetime on as it is turned off by default. Activation may be required depending on your carrier.

2. Update All Your Applications:
The new iPhone 4 has many new features. If you have not upgraded to iOS 5 are still using iOS4 features and all the capabilities the iPhone 4 has to offer, you need to update all your apps first.

3. You can watch movies:
A light version of iMovies is there in your iPhone 4. You can watch movies in iPhone 4.

4. Try some new wallpaper:
The new iPhone 4 screen supports up to 960×640 pixels at 326ppi. This is all due to the retina display that makes just about everything on your new iPhone 4 look more awesome, vibrant and higher quality. This means that if it makes your presently used wallpaper look great, then the wallpapers that you add with higher resolution would look outstanding.

5. Mirror Pics:
Taking our own pictures with our iPhone while looking at the mirror is nothing new. The new iPhone 4 has a useful, additional front camera. This makes it a easier to take self portraits and you could even use it as a mirror. You click on the camera icon located on the top right and voila.

6. Tap to change focus:
A new feature in iPhone 4. Anytime you record a video, you can tap on the different objects that appear on the screen and your new iPhone 4 will focus on them as it continues to record.

7. Widescreen:
Anytime you switch from camera mode to video, all objects will begin to get closer. This is because iPhone 4 does its video recording in Widescreen mode. Simply double tap the screen while you are in recording mode to display the widescreen frame.

8. Search with swipe:
Anytime you swipe to the right on your iPhone 4 home screen, you will automatically activate Spotlight. Now as you begin to typing something, you immediately notice that two new extra search options are now available. At the very top you will have “Search Web” option followed by the “Search Wikipedia” underneath it. You can use both search options using your Safari browser.

9. Reception Problem:
Called the Death Grip, some people noticed losing a few signal bars each time they gripped their phone. You should remember that this may depend largely on your service provider as signal bars tend to drop mostly in areas where reception is weak.

10. No need to worry about yellow color:
If you are alarmed as you noticed what appeared to be yellow patches or blotches on their new iPhone 4 screen, please calm down. No need to worry. According to Macintouch, this is a transitional problem. It is just a some bonding agents that will quickly vanish as your iPhone 4 is subjected and exposed to the air.

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