Sandboxing Keeps TextExpander 4 Out Of The Mac App Store

TextExpander update

On Thursday, 21 June 2012, Smile released TextExpander 4, with many new features. But you cannot find it in Mac app store.

Smile is one of the first and most notable to remove an app from the Mac App Store as it cannot be sandboxed. Sandboxing is required for Mountain Lion apps that will be sold through the Mac App Store, and protects systems and users by limiting the resources that apps can access.

That does not mean that TextExpander 4 cannot be used on Mountain Lion Macs. Smile made a point in their Press Release (PR) that the app was signed with a Developer ID from Apple to work with Gatekeeper in Mountain Lion.

The lengthy list of new features is given below:

*New fill-in types: multiple line text fields, pop-up menus, optional text sections

*Supports default values for text and popup fill-ins

*Edit fill-ins and options with popup interface

*Expand snippets and switch apps while using fill-ins

*Improved statistics with graphical display (and the ability to tweet your stats)

*Hands-on tutorial for new users

*Contextual menus for snippet editor and list

*Updated appearance for Lion and Mountain Lion

*French and German autocorrect groups

TextExpander 4 may not be in Mac App Store anymore. But you can still purchase it. Just go to the Smile website and download a fully-functioning demo, and you can purchase a license from within the app.

The price of the app is US $34.95. A family pack is $44.95, and an office pack (covering five users in an office) is $99.95. Upgrades are free for users who purchased TextExpander after 15 January, 2012, and $15 for those who purchased the app before that date. You can purchase the upgrade from the app as well.

Source: TUAW

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