Thats not Steve Jobs but his lustrous Mercedes [True and False]

This time its not SJ walking normally in ‘black-blue’ but his silver colored Mercedes. Thank God it’s not blue or black. 🙂

Steve Jobs 2007 Mercedes-Benz SL55 AMG. You can see the weird bar code and that’s because his license plates are stolen very often so now just a bar code. But some say that it might be privacy issues so that’s why the bar code is there. Nevertheless, this has become a mystery and please join the mystery with you views and standpoint.

Rumours about Steve Jobs driving a Mercedes SL55 AMG with no license plates has been going on for some time. Instead there’s just a plate frame with a little barcode in the middle (apparently the bar code is standard on Mercedes).

The most ridiculous rumour alleges that Steve Jobs paid California DMV a lot of money for a special exemption that allows him to have a UPC barcode instead of a real license plate.

Drudges have started to wonder why it is that Jobs is immune to prosecution. The people have been asking if there was some sort of government agreement with the authorities.

As a matter of fact, even State DMV spokeswoman Jan Mendoza was indignant that the drudges believed that Jobs was somehow carrying a get out of jail free card.

Mendoza responds the allegation by saying that it does not matter if you are Lindsay Lohan or Governor Schwarzenegger-you have to display a plate or risk being pulled over or getting a ticket. Well say Jan Mendoza.

According to the sources earlier when drudges randomly removed the license plate from a parked Mercedes E320 Wagon, a similar VIN sticker was found underneath (left). Well it appears that Steve Jobs may be choosing to not display his license plate for reasons unknown, not because he’s exempt.

Even California Highway Patrol confirmed that no exemptions for omitting a license plate are given to anyone under California law. Now what?

Ok let’s move to the future in relation with barcode, here a strange piece of puzzle comes by way of the film “Back To The Future” that featured a bar code license plate on the famed DeLorean time machine. The license plates were in use by 2015 as a means of identifying cars. It was also assumed that they could reveal much more information once scanned than a standard license plate. Ok now according to. Futurepedia, could this be the source of the rumoured barcode license
plate that was eventually attached to Apple’s CEO? I don’t think so!

It was also that suggested that Steve drives without plates to avoid being bothered by Apple fan boys who might want to talk to him. It is well known that Steve likes to keep customers as far away from him as possible. However the plate less Mercedes is now so well known that it effectively advertises his presence where it can be snapped and shoved up on him. Who knows this can be another reason for the dilemma. Watch out Steve Jobs.

Going with the record, despite countless driving infractions and illegal parking Jobs has received only two citations since 2006 both for speeding.

If I own a Mercedes SLL AMG then I don’t want to hang license plate on my car because I think it looks better without (it’s designed for the European license plate). So this can also correlate with Steve Jobs for not hanging an American plate holder for his luxurious car.

Steve Jobs got the money to pay the ticket, in case somebody pulls him over, so why besmirch a beautiful car with an ugly license plate. Driving without plates makes it easier to park in disabled car parks without getting a ticket. So I think is just Steve being Steve.

I would like to suggest everyone continuing to obey the law if you can’t afford to fight it. Lastly before signing off there is a short message, ‘No one is Above Law.’

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  1. 19 states do not require a license plate on the front of a registered vehicle. Is your state one of them? If not, maybe you should contact your governor or local representative about it.

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