The 4Gen iPod touchscreen takes a new look! Really?

My ears hear that the iPod touch is going to change it look from the 2G and 3G iPod touch. Is it? The “curve” finishing will be gone. But the curve shape of the iPod is a style statement.

How the new look would be?

Here, look at the top of your MacBook Pro, only smaller, which is to say flat rather than curved at the center—closer to the look of the first-generation iPod touch’s back. Are you able to imagine? Next is the rear camera with a question as to whether what’s next to it will be a LED flash like the one in the iPhone 4, or a microphone like the one next to the video camera of the iPod nano.

That the iPod touchscreen sub 2-inch for you.

The modification is for really or a rumor will be soon revealed by none other than the company itself.
But as the news for modification spread in the market various section of iPod users are for a curve shape rather than flat and it too agree the curve gives a style statement to the touch!

We will soon know.


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