The Abuses Hurled By Siri Shocks Boy And Mother

Siri abused customer

You would not like it if your personal assistant abuses you. Having a personal assistant gives you a sense of being elevated to a higher level or position and you feel humiliated when abused by your personal assistant. When iPhone 4S was released, people loved it because of Siri. The electronic personal assistant also had a great sense of humor. However, when the humor turns abusive, nobody would like it. Especially a mother whose little son is being abused by Siri.

A twelve year old boy was abused by Siri in a UK supermarket.

The Sun reported that young Charlie Le Quesne approached an iPhone 4S on display at the Tesco in Coventry and asked Siri, “How many people are there in the world?”

Siri’s alleged response was, “Shut the f*** up, you ugly t***.”

Charlie’s mother could not believe it. She told The Sun, “The phone was a demo version and was low enough on the shelf for Charlie to have a go with it. He asked it a simple question and we couldn’t believe the filth it came out with. I thought I must be hearing things. So we asked again and the same four-letter stuff blared out. I asked for the manager and after staff heard it they agreed to unplug it.”

It turns out that somebody had set the iPhone to have a user name of, “Shut the f*** up, you ugly t***.”

Siri is not smart enough to understand whether she was talking to a 12-year old boy. The owner of an iPhone 4S is supposed to be the master of Siri.

Nobody knows when and where this prankster’s tampering took place. According to the suggestions and theories by The Sun, such tampering could have happened on an assembly line, but that seems unlikely. The theory of someone did it after the device was set up and put on display, seems more believable.

Meanwhile, Tesco has taken the device off the shelf and packed it off to Apple for testing.

Source: The Mac Observer

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