The Cat and Mouse Game Continues: Palm Pre Syncs With iTunes Again

It’s been a week since the USB Implementors Forum chided Palm over their blatant violation of policies by letting Pre users sync their phones with iTunes using Apple’s unique USB identifier for the Pre. Now, Palm is at it again. Today, the company has released an update to their users that has “fixed” the issue Palm Pre had syncing with iTunes.Palm has been able to do this with the help of a hack in their latest webOS update (v1.2.1) that sets its manufacturer as Apple and changes the USB Product ID to that of iPod Video. This is what Pre users see on their computer screen on connecting to iTunes and when they set their Pre to Media Sync Mode

USB Product ID: 0x1209

USB Vendor ID: 0x05ac (Apple, Inc)

Manufacturer: Apple Inc.

Palm has taken a rather immature stand by letting this episode drag so long. From a customer’s perspective, Palm would want the Pre to sync with iTunes in order to effectively compete with the iPhone. However, the means have been ill-planned. Instead of trying to sneak in their products through the backdoor, Palm should devise ways by which Pre users can seamlessly sync their phones with iTunes. It should well cost a lot with purchase of licenses, but from a long term perspective, that is where Palm would eventually be heading to.

Looking at it from another perspective, should Apple actually be worried at all? With the syncing between iTunes and Palm Pre possible, Apple stands to make much more revenues from iTunes. From a business standpoint, it makes good sense to let other devices connect to the iTunes and thus make it the default store to purchase music from.

What do you think? Should Apple block the Pre syncing one more time? Please let us know in the comments.

2 Replies to “The Cat and Mouse Game Continues: Palm Pre Syncs With iTunes Again”

  1. It’s their software so I would say, yes.

    There’s no turning back now. It’s some kind of war and if Apple would allow the Pre in, in any way, they would just be waving the white flag.

    In modern days, business is pretty much warfare. It’s the goal to destroy the competition and this is only a battle.

  2. I think apple should let pre or all other to continue use itunes as syncin.. but apple does the turn and hit, because apple wants pre users to feel bad about using pre!

    apple wants them to feel insecure. other wise, motorola does syncs with itunes, no problem?

    remeber, steve jobs in one of his keynotes announced this on moto rokr.. he used all his wonderful, great, amazing, extraordinary .. etc fuzzy words to complement the moto syncing!

    only thing is to promote iphone. nothing else. apple clearly hates pre more than microsoft!

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