The hidden feature of iOS 12 everyone should know about

Apple has released major updates to iOS, watchOS, and tvOS this week, hence the biggest deal is probably iOS, which is because iOS -12 is probably one of the better iOS iterations, with having been new life into devices from up to five generations ago.

Thus upon covering the fact, there are major changes in iOS-12 about the cool hidden features which weren’t have been a selling point in the keynote. Fortunately, we are going to dive into those right now for you.

Hence with the iPhone X coming out first, only supports one face to use for Face ID. However, upon observing your face appearance over time, one can wear sunglasses or hats and to eventually adapt and learn.

With iOS-12, one can set up an alternate face to unlock your phone with, someone else’s face having one want them to have access. To do this:

  1. Go to Settings > Face ID & Passcode.
  2. Select Set up an Alternate Face.
  3. Follow the steps for setting up Face ID.
  4. Repeat if needed.

Thus by failing to recognize Face ID, one should note that you can just swipe up and enter your passcode in to unlock.

Thus with a quick access Do Not Disturb from the Control Center has a great feature, but have you ever turned it off unknowingly? Has anyone tried to contact you a million times where you only realized Do Not Disturb was left on when it shouldn’t have been?

Hence there has been with some finer controls with Do Not Disturb in iOS-12 one should note that with a long-press on your Do Not Disturb icon in Control Center and selecting the time duration for it. Thus for setting one, until later in the day or evening, you leave a location, or on a custom schedule.

Hence the concern now is about the battery life on our devices. It is now handy with most and if not all with smart-phones these days showing your battery percentage in the top corner of your screen.

In iOS 12, hence the users get even more useful battery details. Just go to Settings > Battery and thus one would find all the information you would possibly need. There is now visual charts, complete breakdowns, and graphs that tell you what apps were using on your battery and when.

Autofill shortcodes

Hence with the two-factor authentication, one has on your online account is great, with not having to go to your Messages to grab that six or eight-digit code and enter it in the text field which is annoying. Fortunately, Apple thought about that in iOS-12, which made the process so much simpler.

Whenever you receive a shortcode with a shortcut appearing on the keyboard just tap on it and automatically it is getting filled in for you. If you often forget to install iOS updates on your device, due to a crazy schedule, then the new Automatic Updates setting is the one which can be taken care of everything by you. Hence one should have to go to Settings > General > Software Update and turn on Automatic Updates.

When this is on, the downloads will automatically install any iOS update while you sleep. QR codes rise in popularity lately, and Apple was kind enough with a scan for making them with the default Camera back in iOS-11.

While you can also do a long-press on the Camera icon in Control Center which brings the QR code scanner, iOS-12 now lets the access with the scanner directly without having to go through the Camera first.

However, you do need to add the QR code scanner to your Control Center first. Go to Settings > Control Center > Customize Controls to add it.

Whether you love or hate for Siri, one does not have to admit to coming in handy and sometimes, especially when you are driving. However, one annoying feature about the fact is that by toggling Low Power mode on your device you can have a conservation of the battery thenceforth. With iOS-12, henceforth one can now say “Hey Siri” for activating purposes, even in Low Power mode.