The humming lines of Apple’s products!

Apple has demand so there are lines of products to be shipped. For the last three years the shipment is tremendously increasing.

Analysts at Susquehanna said there will be increase in the line of products.

When I went through the report the forecast of volumes of shipment is huge.

For the iPhone, the production forecasts are from 14 million units to 18+ million. But still there was consistent shortage of iPhone 4 inventory at Apple stores and there continues to be a three-week shipping delay from Apple’s online store.

On the other hand the iPad shipment forecast estimate of 4.75 million. The sale of iPad increased due to education discounts, tax holidays and many more to mention. And at last the report reveals that Apple with huge capital investments is comfortably has money to invest.

And this lines of products, seems to be never ending with more than 3 million MacBook to be shipped in the year end.

It’s all the best to Apple for their increase in production and shipment is what all we can say.


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