The laptop which Apple announces upcoming event


Apple has upcoming series in October, with iPad Pro and Mac event where one wonders Apple announces it on 10/30. Thus one must note about what Apple announces, since I do have high hopes that Apple solves problem faced in my job.

About Apple and MacBook Air

With the process of designing my school’s next Apple purchase thus far is what I look at laptops for our teachers, which is what I really frustrate about. Three years ago, with the same process and I chose MacBook Air over everything else due to most sense. I never expected another three years later facing the same choice. I am hopeful that Apple releases finally and finds the sweet spot of what I look for.

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On the day we learned about the event, I tweeted this

I am specifying out a new bulk Apple laptop purchase, and which could not be less satisfied with the current lineup.

After that tweet, a few folks asked me hoping to see, with my frustrations where the current lineup, and what Apple is to announce.

MacBook Air

The MacBook Air without any doubt has the most reliable laptop ever supported. The hardware is reliable with 2 USB-A ports, one Thunderbolt, and an SD slot. Overall, there has been a great machine within the last six years. I have thus probably ordered 200 of them, where one had less than five damaged beyond the ability to repair.

The default configuration options is where there are great already comes with 8GB of RAM, which I upgrades the storage to 256 GB. My concern hence is with the machine lacking a Retina screen, and sees a meaningful speed increase in years.

MacBook Pro

The current MacBook Pro has been come with controversies over the years due to keyboard reliability problems. When you look at enterprise devices, there are hardware reliability where one of the most critical things IT managers is to consider.

Thus with one thing of consideration with repairing machines is due to accidental damage, where another is when devices start breaking due to normal usage. Employee productivity has lost by the time taking to transition of a new machine on top with actual repair costs. The current model does have a new keyboard, which has not been out long enough for us to understand due to reliability factors.

The move to USB-C thus far is difficult for end users, but IT department buys dongles for years. The last time Apple ships dongles with laptops was prior to the Intel transition. The 2015 MacBook Pros were attractive for employees and IT departments with HDMI built in, but with an exception for Apple laptops with recent memory. The major change now still is living a USB-A world, has to buy USB-A to USB-C adaptor with Ethernet and HDMI/VGA adaptor.


The MacBook thus is a close near perfect machine with IT departments for deployment. Hence it is thin, and great looking screen. But slow processor which lacks with multiple USB-C ports is thus problematic.

The pricing for MacBook is at awkward spot for IT departments. The $1300 price point close is workable for schools wanting to deploy Macs, but that model is not fast enough. To get a viable model where one needs to bump the processor to Core i7, is for an additional $100. The keyboard still is a concern for me as the keyboard caused so much of an uproar in recent years.

Thus with the ability in designing a perfect laptop is for K–12 with enterprise environments. This hence upgrades MacBook with extra features and a larger screen. I hereby love to see a 13? MacBook with a modern processor. This also comes with a 16GB of RAM, 256 GB storage, along with 2 USB-C ports, and a more reliable keyboard.

With all these features around $1199 (education pricing) one must note that, is that my perfect laptop? No, but I am trying to work where I think Apple is heading upon. The current MacBook close, but needs a few extra features and a price closer to the MacBook Air.

The laptop line thus has weird a spot for years. The MacBook and MacBook Air should not co-exist for long. Thus, I am confident with the plan which is never ended, but happened. IT departments and budget conscious purchasers buys MacBook Air. This is with many years despite technology getting outdated. If the MacBook Air sold for $700, have argued for its existence, still sold for $1,000.

With the above fact where the sources has been keyed in from 9to5mac, replicates that Apple rips people with selling MacBook Air for $1,000 in 2018 and the hopes is that it is a funeral for MacBook Air.