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I am fortunate enough to own and use a Leica M camera. There is no doubt about, why these cameras carry a well-known status or command such a premium price. Without any confusion we can assume that Apple fans and Leica shutterbugs can share a similar passion and dedication
to their gear. When we look this simple combination of both brands partnering the iPhone 4 with the image of a Leica M8 included inside a Griffin Reveal Case over at the Mac Rumors forums.

The user can click on the image above for the full size 1369 x 2717 pixel image. The recommended image must be printed at be 2.282″ x 4.528″ or 5.8 cm x 11.5 cm at 600 dpi as mention by Beyond the Tech.

The Leica M camera is a crafted masterpiece – practical, compact, ergonomic, cutting-edge lenses for ultimate in analog and digital photography. The camera has outstanding optical performance which makes observing and capturing meaningful moments easy. Pictures taken with Leica lenses not only highlight the quality of their major aspects such as contrast, resolution and beautiful pictorial rendition but also demonstrate the capabilities of Leica products with regard to design, performance, and the ability to capture natural expression.

Here is some revelation from Rapahel Salgado (Beyond the Tech): I took the image and with the magic and efficiency of Photoshop, I proportioned it to the dimensions of the iPhone 4 stretching a few things around iPhone, especially to accommodate the place where the rear camera and LED flash would line up. I also removed the “M8” model name and replaced it with an “iP 4” as well as the Leica name to Apple. Lastly, I changed where it said “LEICA” in the lens to “IPHONE.

The user can print it out from Canon photo printer and cut it so it lined up nicely in the inside of the Griffin Reveal’s clear backside and used an Exacto knife to cut out the rear camera and LED flash
area, and topped the edges with a black permanent marker to hide the edges of white photo paper.

These are some of the information about Leica M camera and how iPhone name came up after replacing ‘LEICA’ in the lens.

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