The new iDateCenter is 5 times bigger than the previous.

You can see a much bigger iDataCenter now. Though no much details has been provided but after going through some articles and reports I can say that the center is 5 times bigger than the Apple’s existing which is 109,000 sq.ft, Newark, California.

We got to know some broad details about the hardware and software that will be powering the new iDataCenter, much of which is provided by companies other than Apple by the Jobs posting in a Website.
Here is the posting for you, which Steve Jobs posted:

• Data center environment consists of MacOS X, IBM/AIX, Linux and SUN/Solaris systems.
• The Maiden facility will have a “heavy emphasis” on high availability technologies, including IBM’s HACMP and HAGEO solutions for high-availability clusters, Veritas Cluster Server, and Oracle’s DataGuard and Real Application Clusters.
• To be familiar with storage systems using IBM, NetApp and Data Domain, and data warehousing systems from Teradata.
• Networking positions require a familiarity with Brocade and Qlogic switches.

From this we could make out Steve Jobs still to be public about the matter, so he posted in a website, keeping beside the other media. Because its on the plan card still to be strictly amended though.


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